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CORE Ripper
Pure glass. Pure passion.


New shape. More smiles per wave. The original is back with a radical new look and an even wider range. The Ripper features a completely new outline and improved rocker that’s incredibly easy to ride. Ripper. New shape. Same classic polyurethane and glass flex.

So, what’s new? The Ripper features a wider, fish-inspired, profile and a new mini swallow tail. The additional width (19” on the 5’8”) and volume focused around your feet make the forth generation easier than ever to ride under-powered or sloppy waves. We reduced fin toe-in by 4mm to give it more drive and the mini swallow tail provides a little extra bite in the corners. Imagine the fun you’ll have in sloppy waves. Yesss, fun! Give it a try. You’ll see. Just remember to demo the smaller sizes too. You may find your perfect Ripper is one size smaller now.

Ripper. If you wanna rip around.

Sizes (Width | Thickness | Volume):

5’4’’: 18 1/2” | 2” | Volume 22,6l
5’8’’: 19” | 2 1/8’’ | Volume 26l
5’11’’: 19 5/16” | 2 3/16’’ | Volume 29l

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5'4, 5'8, 5.11


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